Surreal reality

Surreal reality can either be real or can just be an expression of the mind. But whatever it is, it has to be unique, creative, simple yet complex just like the universe that is within us and the world that is outside Earth!

Expressing my mind has always been my favorite thing to do, and once in a while when I get a chance to photograph a moment while I am busy admiring the beauty of it, I try to give the moment a whole new dimension, I try to create a reality away from what we see day to day, a Surreal reality.

Once in a while you need to unwind your thoughts, and run away from the crowd into the greens, the mystic beauty that lures the lovers away from the daily life, the trees that are ready to embrace these souls with their warmth, love and affection with their big little branches and leaves.

The Surreal reality where one visits once in a while to erase, edit and refresh their worn-out mind; trust me finding this kind of reality is simple. Just go out, choose a place that makes you connect with yourself, and pause for a while, cherish the moment, and if you can, then just save the moment as a photograph for it will act as a mood enhancer for a while!

Elliot Park Kolkata
Elliot Park, Kolkata (Photograph edited with Photoshop CS6)